Website Design

Case Study #2 :

Disappearing RI website


In the beginning…

Disappearing RI was the first site I created at NEIT. It was a combination of Urban Exploration and photography.

The site will be mainly divided by location with a focus on the galleries. A brief written history of the location will accompany each gallery.


The use of photographic elements in the UI was planned in the early stages. Originally the borders around the thumbnails were taken from photos of window frames, arches, and doorways to keep with the architectural theme, this proved to be too distracting and was later simplified with a thinner border.





Getting the Logo Right



After settling on the font and color, the true test was asking people who were unfamiliar with the project to guess what the full name of the site was based just on the logo.


An early photoshop mock-up of the home page with an unfortunate color scheme.

 Final Site

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.10.02 PM

Click here to see the site.


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