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Hello, my name is James Pine and I have recently earned an Associate in Science Degree from the New England Institute of Technology in graphic design. This is my second degree from NE Tech, the first being an associates in TV/Radio production that I earned twenty years ago.

I had put my first degree to good use in the local broadcast market. I spent 13 years at WLNE/TV ABC6 in downtown Providence. It was here that I learned three valuable skills. I learned to work under the pressure of the strict deadlines that come with the production of a live newscast. As an Editor/Audio operator during the morning and noon shows I also learned how to work as part of a team. The third skill was problem solving. As the clock would tick closer and closer to showtime, it would often become a scramble of activity to get something on air by any means necessary. The most important part of problem solving was how to recover as quickly and gracefully as possible once an on air mistake had occurred. I saw a lot of overly confident people panic and freeze-up when something unexpected would happen.

When the station was sold, I took it as a sign to pursue something outside of broadcast TV. Over the years I developed an interest in photography and illustration. I had taught myself various software programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, but I knew I needed go beyond the basics if I wanted to become a professional designer.

Returning to school after two decades was a little intimidating; many aspects of my life had changed. I was now married with two children (the youngest being only 3 months). Managing a family while earning a degree was going to be a challenge, so I knew it would have to count. I made the Dean’s List every quarter. Now that I am armed with two degrees, a solid work history, and a portfolio that I am proud of, the next chapter of my life is ready to begin!

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